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11/22/13 09:46 AM #39    

Kay Gardner (Kish)

and Camille I know you were a leader but I have to agree with you there was so many claassmates behind the scenes that needed to be there to make it all happen.  I think the part about this is that you were so responsive to anyone who was interested that it all went so cheers to all of you who did this for all of wonderful.  If OHS didn't have this reunion I would have been somewhat ashamed..........I am proud of my school mates for stepping up and making this happen...all of you did a wonderful job....thanks Kay

11/22/13 10:40 AM #40    

Willie Tong!!! Funny how that brought back a lot of memories. Camille. ..u must habe been good at your job!

11/22/13 08:31 PM #41    


Susan Hederman (Schmidt)

I've been basking in the glow of our wonderful 50-year Reunion for an entire week now!smiley What a wonderful time we had -- everything from the Friday Night Happy Hour, to the Saturday night Dinner and Dance, to the Sunday morning Breakfast -- it was FABULOUS!! The time went by way too quickly to reconnect with every single person, but it sure was fun trying!! HUGE KUDOS to Camille and Ron and the entire committee for putting together such a successful event. We loved the 60's music and videos, decorations, memorabelia tables, and fun nametags which definitely assisted us in recognizing each other! Thank you's also go to Jay Pahlmeyer for the delicious wine, Terry Lee for a great job emceeing the evening, and Diann Elston for her enthusiastic cheerleading. What a GREAT time of reconnecting and reminiscing. I remember that as we approached graduation ceremonies in 1963, Mr. (Karl) Cooperrider, Miss (Verna) Simmons, and Mr. (Marvin) Thornblad told us sincerely and honestly, "The Class of 1963 is truly one of the most unique, talented and gifted group of students to ever graduate from Oakland High." I believed it then and I believe it now. FIFTY years later, and we're still going strong! Thanks to everyone who had any part of making this reunion the best one yet. And thank you to all those who took the time to come and be a part of it. Was that fun, or WHAT!!! Last thought: Ron Meagher...the website is AWESOME! Thank you for your hours of work in getting it up and running, and we're glad to know it's here to stay. Thumbs up!yes

11/23/13 04:06 PM #42    


Geoffrey Luebbert


I want to add my kudos and thanks to Camille and others who managed to get this incredible event up off the ground so quickly and flying so high for all of us. I think it's a tribute to all when even spouses and those not in our group are struck by all the joy they observed among us.


I'd also like to add appreciation to Ron for his maintenance of the website and for all the effort he must have put into creating the oldies presentation that became the soundtrack and backdrop for our whole evening.


And to Jay for his fabulous wines! It's a rare reunion that can boast wines of this quality…we were SO lucky!


Thanks are also due to the staff of the Marriott, for whom this apparently was an event far different from the "guy at the podium" sort of business conferences they've been used to. The logistics of this were WAY more complicated, and at every point I observed, staff really tried to understand what we were aiming for, to accommodate us as best they could, and explain what THEIR limitations were..


I'm pleased to hear that this wonderful web connection is likely to  continue past the reunion, and provide for those of us who want to do so a way of staying in touch. Ron, with all these folks who've included their email addresses in messages, is there a way to add an email field to profiles so that it won't be necessary to comb through the message forum to find them in the future?


I'll be looking forward to the photo page coming online!



Geoff Luebbert


12/03/13 04:37 PM #43    


Susan Buckley (McCreight)

Hi Everyone!  I'm so sorry to have missed what was clearly a great time.  Only a long planned trip to Italy would have kept me from coming.  It's been great reading all your posts and looking at the pictures.  

Looking forward to being there for the next one!  Happy Holidays!

Susan Buckley McCreight

12/04/13 08:30 AM #44    

Glenn Thompson

Hey class of 1963, im sorry i missed our (50) but was called to a family matter. I know everybody had a blast and i won't miss the next one (God willing)  Glenn Thompson




12/04/13 08:39 AM #45    

Linda Lee (Louie)

Ditto all the responses from people that missed the big event. While away in the Mediterranean, I thought about what I was missing at the reunion. I've enjoyed reading all the reponses and looking at the pictures.I hope there will be another event and we all keep in touch.

Happy Holidays to all,

Linda Lee Louie

12/07/13 07:34 AM #46    

Anita Cacciaroni (Cleveland)

Luvin the reunion photos taken by classmates.  Thanks everyone who submitted them! 

12/08/13 05:48 PM #47    

Marion Steele (Leimbach)

This is such a good site. I am enjoying all the comments from everyone. I didn't expect to have so much fun as
I had at the reunion. Thank you to the entire team that made it all possible. Everyone there has a special 50 year story of their life after Oakland High. Most of us have aged some but the energy I saw that night was awesome. God bless everyone and have a great Holiday Season.

12/27/13 05:09 PM #48    

Roger Rubin (Rubin)

greetings to all of is my New Year's Greetings to all, and wishing many more...

02/25/14 08:52 AM #49    

Terry Dominguez (Mayer)

I just received my Memory Book and enjoyed going thought it numerous times.  It was great seeing everyone and I hope to stay in touch with many of you.  I had a great time, still talking about the evening. 

03/04/14 07:45 PM #50    

Gene Paoli

To all my class mates. The other day I recieved my memory book

from the reunion. My sister was at my place and she wanted to see the

pictures. She also looked at my computer and checked out the Web Site. She is also a graduate of OHS. Class of 1953. She was amazed

that our class had reunions just about every 5 years. Her class only had a 50th. She thought everyone in our class had aged gracefully. This just makes me so proud of our class.

Gene Paoli


03/05/14 07:49 AM #51    

Anita Cacciaroni (Cleveland)

You must have a WONDERFUL sister.

03/06/14 09:20 AM #52    

Susan Felch (Andersen)

I was pretty blown away by the memory book also, AND by the fact that we have such regular reunions.  I am looking forward to our 55th!

03/07/14 09:33 AM #53    

Debbie Howard (Greig, Deborah)

Hey Ron!  Love the "sounds of '63"!  You even got Ben Fong Torres announcing our upcoming 50th!  Lots of fun!  Thanks for the memories!

Peter Greig and Deborah, "Debbie Howard"

03/07/14 11:01 AM #54    

Linda Lee (Louie)

Since I missed the reunion, I really enjoyed seeing the memory book.  I missed a good one. Good idea, looking forward to the 55th Reunion :)  Hugs to all, Linda

03/26/14 03:55 PM #55    

Lila Anderson (Petersen)

The Reunion was so well planned, down to the last detail.  What a fun time it was to see so many classmates.  It was such a great turnout and "thank you" to everyone who helped make it happen.  It was truly a dream come true for me. 

I am still pouring over the pictures in the Reunion booklet, and appreciate the information there to help us keep in touch.  It's wonderful reliving the event and the memories that we made at the reunion.  Can't wait for the next one.   

Lila Anderson Petersen   

04/27/14 03:23 PM #56    

Liane Ornellas (Adamske)

Hello Everyone--just wanted to let you know that Coach Jim McHugh passed away on April 17.  He was 82.  There will be a Celebration of Life Service on Monday, April 28, 10:00 a.m. at St. Mary's Church, 2039 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Walnut Creek 94596.  Cards may be sent to: 1056 Alicante Dr. Danville, CA 94526.

Donations in his name can be made to Canticle Farm, 19689 36th Ave., Oakland, CA or to the Alzheimer's Alliance at

Take care of yourselves and make the most of every day!

Liane (Ornellas) Adamske

07/18/15 03:38 PM #57    


Georganne Ferrier

I just noticed that Cynthia Beck Anderson passed away at the end of June.  There is a nice obituary at

I remember her as sweet and giving.  On the first day of kindergarden, she led me (scared to death) across the room to sit next to her on the rug! After that we shared many Girl Scout activities and talent shows in the old Bella Vista auditorium.  I have many happy memories of all of our troop antics and accomplishments.

Georganne Ferrier

10/21/19 06:22 PM #58    

Chiquita Drake (Tuttle)

Thank you Roni for the birtday wishes.

10/21/19 06:24 PM #59    

Chiquita Drake (Tuttle)

Happy Belated birthday Lila Anderson


10/22/19 12:52 PM #60    


Georganne Ferrier

Happy Birthday--one day late!  I tried to send wishes on my phone yesterday, but the app would not work!  Guess I am a few decades too old to operate all the newest equipment.

Hope you will drop by OHS this Saturday for the 150th Anniversary Celebration. It's an open house starting at 10 am.  It will make us all feel a lot younger.


06/26/22 08:55 AM #61    

Sam Cobb

Any thoughts on a 60th reunion?


06/26/22 01:21 PM #62    


Camille Chan

Sam,  I can help on the committee but won't be able to chair.  Can you chair?  Didn't your wife do her 50th class reunion?

06/27/22 06:23 PM #63    

Marion Steele (Leimbach)

I would like to be on the committee but I live in Rocklin, Ca and not real close to the Bay Area. I think a 60 year reunion would be great.

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