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11/12/13 07:20 AM #11    

Denis Ko

Tyree came to the first impromtu reunion meeting at the Pacific Coast Brewing Company in Oakland. I'm surprised that he didn't register to come to the 50 year reunion. He was looking great and we talked about the times I would see him working  at Red & White Ferry when I commuted to SF.

11/12/13 08:43 AM #12    

Lillian Wilson (Christianson)

Does anyone know where Bertha Costello is?  Think she went to work for Alcoa Aluminum after school.

11/13/13 11:27 AM #13    


Judy Katz (Kornbluth)

Has anyone seen or heard from Jan Kelly Moulton.

I visited her home in Salt Lake City "many" years ago, but think she moved from Utah to another midwestern state. I can't find her anywhere in the phone directory.

Any clues?


11/17/13 06:57 PM #14    

Caryn Simon

Kudos to Camille and her team of classmates for a wonderful 50th Reunion! I had a great time connecting with old friends and classmates. The Marriott was a bright and effecient venue as well. I hope you all had a sweet a time as I had last night. Namaste!

11/18/13 07:31 AM #15    

Chiquita Drake (Tuttle)

Thank you for the wonderful experience at the 50th class reunion.  Camille and team you did a fabulous job.  Is there a way we can upload the various photos taken by everyone on this website or elsewhere where they can be collected and downloaded by us?  I am sure that it would be a collage of memorable shots!.  Who is the tech person who can make this happen?

Great seeing everyone.  What a great class we had.  Go Wildcats!!!


Chiquita Drake Tuttle 




11/18/13 08:04 AM #16    


Camille Chan

We're glad everyone had a good time at the reunion.  Ron is planning to set up a page on the website for people to upload their pictures.  We'll keep you posted.

11/18/13 08:58 AM #17    

Terry Dominguez (Mayer)

Thank you to Camille and her team for a great evening.  It was incredible seeing classmates that I went to school with from grammer school through high school.   Made me feel like a young girl again!    Thank you again and good health and happiness to all.

11/18/13 09:39 AM #18    


Judy Katz (Kornbluth)

Well that was a GREAT REUNION!

Loved seeing everyone and talking with many. 

Look forward to staying in touch with everyone and seeing you at any future gatherings.

Many others have suggested we keep this going and have casual local events yearly.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all who came and those who didn't were in our thoughts.

We appreciate all the effort that went into making this WEB site possible.

Until next time.......

Judy Katz Kornbluth

11/18/13 11:01 AM #19    

Roger Rubin (Rubin)

I want to share a playlist i have patched together and dedicated to all my friends out there who i went to school with me in the great city of Oakland......

11/18/13 11:07 AM #20    

Linda Belchar (Lopes)

Thank you Camille and Team for a great 50th Reunion!! Everyone had fun, the food was good and the venue perfect.

How fun to see all of our "old" friends and reconnect. I presonally enjoyed every minute. Really needed more time to talk with people.

thank you again for all of the hard work.


Linda Belchar Lopes

11/18/13 12:21 PM #21    

Robert Hernandez

Roger thanx for the playlist, great music!! and to Camille and the rest of you that made this happen a BIG thank you, it was a fantastic evening!! My wife made a comment about how you could feel the energy flowing in the room and when I stopped and looked around, she was right! THANX AGAIN FOR A WONDERFUL EVENING!! yessmiley


11/18/13 03:30 PM #22    

Susan Felch (Andersen)

What a WONDERFUL time we all had Saturday night.  Thanks to Camille and her entire team for making happen.  It was such fun to see you all, and I think the idea of having a casual get together once in a while is a great one, and I would be more than happy to help with that (NOT 'chair" it, but certainly I can do more than I did this time).

I wish I had had more time to connect with even more of you - what great memories.


Susan (Felch) Andersen  (Beau and Jen were two "early" cats, long gone to kitty heaven, but they live on forever in email)

11/18/13 05:00 PM #23    

Marcia Jackson (Smith)

Thanks to Camille and the Team for a great evening.  It was so fun to see everyone and reconnect.  I also think we should try to get together more often.....before they cart me off to the "home"!! :)

11/19/13 07:05 AM #24    

Shirley Roos (Krug)

That was the most memorable event I have been to in my 68 years!  Thank you, Camille, and the GREAT team who pulled our reunion together in such a short time!  It was wonderful to reconnect with classmates . . . I could feel such energy in the room!  

I, too, was wondering if there was any way to share our photos . . . thank you, Ron, for setting up something where people can upload them!

Sorry I wasn't able to talk to more classmates . . . the evening went by so fast.

Until "next time" . . . 

Shirley Roos Krug



11/19/13 07:07 AM #25    

Diann Elston (McCannon)

I'd like to add my thanks to Camille and the Reunion Committee for a wonderful evening.  I was so happy and excited that I had a hard time getting to sleep that night.  My daughter has asked me to stop telling her every detail of the evening.  Ron,  I didn't get a chance to speak with you, but thank you for the visuals, and the "oldies, but goodies" music.  Take care everyone.  Keep safe and healthy.

11/19/13 09:00 AM #26    

Tim Powers

Hi Everyone!

Looks like we missed a great reunion and lots of fun.  We are living in Brighton, England (50 miles south of London) and serving a mission for our church.  I hope that you will have another event sometime soon as we would love to come to it once we are back in the states ( July 2014).  Would love to reconnect with all of you!

Tim Powers

11/19/13 09:04 AM #27    

Nancy Chu (Cary)

Not only do I echo everyone's thank you's to Camille and the wonderful team, but wanted to add my deep enjoyment of the loving spirit and affection that filled the space.  A reunion at 68 has a distinct flavor--definitely brimming with great memories, yet richer still, a genuine appreciation of wherever we are and whatever we're up to on our respective journeys.  We all refreshed old friendships and made new memories over the weekend.

If someone could instruct me, I would be happy to put some of my Iphone photos on our site.

Warmest wishes and hugs,

Nancy Chu (

11/19/13 02:19 PM #28    

Betty Harris (Cunniffe)

Hi to everyone.  Sounds like my husband and I missed a wonderful event.  Of course, I would expect nothing less from this exceptional group.   I am so sorry to have missed seeing all of you.  I came down with a virus and spent the weekend in bed.  Hopefully, the next time there is a gathering I will be able to make it.  I have enjoyed reading all of your profiles and so saddened to read about those who have passed away - all too young to no longer be with us.  My love and best wishes to all of you.

11/19/13 02:37 PM #29    

Guy Gardner

Let me add my Kudos to those in the reunion committee; I, too, had an AWESOME time.

Yes, Cameille & the group did a great job.

Can't wait for the "100th!" reunion.

I wonder if we';ll have any more grads on the memorial suite by then-ha ha.

Take care; it was so nice seeing you all & leading the OHS school fight song (in front of you all)>

Happy Holidays!

Guy Gardner 

11/19/13 03:48 PM #30    

Anita Cacciaroni (Cleveland)

Greetings Everyone,

I feel like I'm still on cloud 9 after seeing so many of you at the reunion.  (My only regret is that I didn't say hello to each and every one of you and I'm truly sorry for not doing do.)  In speaking with those of you I had the opportunity to talk to, I want to say that seeing your mannerisms, expressions and hearing your voice again made me feel almost exactly like I did 50+ years ago.  Those things have remained the same!  Thanks for helping me to relive some very old and wonderful memories.        

11/19/13 04:12 PM #31    

Gene Paoli

Thanks to all who took part in getting a wonder full 50th reunion together especially Camille.

I wish we could have one every year. I missed all the past reunions except for the 20th and

25th.I guess I got lost in the suffel.I would also like to thank Jay Pahlmeyer for the great wine.

can't wait for the next reunion.

Gene Paoli

11/19/13 07:23 PM #32    

Roger Rubin (Rubin)

What a great party-week-end we had. It was a seniors' senior  prom ...What a happy crowd Looks like we all matriculated.

For those of you who might have missed the link for the OHS '63 Playlist., here you go>>>>>><<<<<<

I also put together a playlist going back to when all of us were in Junior High School of 100>>>>>>

Be Happy and Well,  and i'll leave you with some words to think about and finally a laugh.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

? Plato —



11/20/13 10:03 AM #33    

Pam Powers

I go along with my twin Tim on my regrets for missing out on a great gathering of wonderful memories and friends.  I too hope that there will be another opportunity to see all of you.  So ... I'll just leave it with ~ next time!   

~  Pam Powers  

11/20/13 10:52 AM #34    

Ron Cottingham

It was a great time! I am all ready for the next one, at least today I am, five years from now could be something else. The reunion team did a great job.

Ron & Denise Cottingham

11/21/13 04:15 PM #35    


Georganne Ferrier


Ron Miller OHS Social Studies and American Government teacher passed away on November 6.  I know he was a favorite with many students who had his class. 

Ron’s family invites any one who knew him to attend a memorial service at The First Presbyterian Church, 180 Estudillo Avenue, San Leandro this Saturday, November 23 at 11 am.

Phone # 510-483-2772.


Below is a link to Ron’s obituary.

Georganne Ferrier


Ron Miller’s obituary

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