In Memory

Mary Louise "Lou" Allen

October 27, 1945 - April 27, 2001

55 Years Old



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08/13/13 08:47 PM #1    

Anita Cacciaroni (Cleveland)

Mary Lou and I met the first day in the third grade at Glenview Elementary School when we were both new arrivals. Although  I'm not sure how we became friends at the time, something brought us together and we were at each other's house or talking on the phone every day until sixth grade.   I remember  even when she was eight years old, she was a big  worrier--at the time she worried about contracting polio or being attacked by the Russians.  (I guess having to practice "air raid drills" when we were told to hide under our desks and cover our heads with our arms didn't help one who is inclined to worrying.)  When we got to McChesney Jr. High (I think it has a different name now, something liket Brewer Jr. High), we met Kathy Buell whose family had just arrived from Denmark due to her father being in the Navy.  The three of us became best buds and spent many days and sometimes nights together.  We went through all the first girlie things together.  At that time, Mary Lou's and my only experience being kissed by a boy was when we played spin the bottle at parties.  When the three of us entered OHS in the ninth grade, that was the end of our time together since we never had a class together after that.  (I think we all secretly thought the vice principle at McChesney, who didn't like us  (Ms. Tank, real name) had something to do with that since she viewed us a being a clique.)  Mary Lou was very witty and always had a funny comment to make about even the most mundane of things.  She used the "s" word alot, but the way she said it just made one laugh. (She actually used a lot of "colorful" words, but for some reason she said them in a manner that was always very funny.)   Even when she was very ill, her sense of humor remained.  She married George Derieg and had four amazing children and many grandchildren.


She was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2000 and I've never seen a more loving family and group of friends care for someone day and night.   She was the glue that held her family together.  She passed in 2001 and her service was held at a large church in Hayward with hundreds in attendance.  There were even those who waited outside the church due to overcrowding. Even though it's been twelve years since she passed, I think of her frequently and I hope everyone had/has a friend in their lives that created so many happy memories.

08/17/13 11:52 AM #2    

Guy Gardner

I remember Mary Lou as being short, but friendly & nice to all her classmates.

 I never knew her well, but she went to the same 3 public schools as I did until we graduated in '63~

Guy Gardner

08/17/13 04:48 PM #3    

Dave Brown

I had a crush on Mary Lou at Glenview or McChesney, can't remember when exactly.

09/30/13 10:05 AM #4    

Anita Cacciaroni (Cleveland)

What boy didn't have a crush on Mary Lou?

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