In Memory

Kathleen Cooper

Kathleen Yvonne Cooper April 11, 1946 – May 28, 2016 I was adopted at 8 weeks old by a wonderful couple, who were 36 years old, and couldn’t have children. I grew up in the Oakland Hills taking care of horses in exchange for keeping my horse on a ranch. I worked my way through college as a dining room waitress, and I married at 32. I had a bad car accident at the age of 33. My life slowed down and I used alcohol for pain. I sobered up in 1986. I still managed to teach swimming at Laney College in Oakland for 23 years. In 1987 I was 10th in the world, 200 Butterfly, in the Swim World magazine. I divorced in 1988. I met Don Rodriquez in 1989, a great guy. I have had a wonderful life in Rossmoor, where I inherited my parents' home in 1997, after taking care of them with cancer. I have the Lord, and I love Alcoholics Anonymous. One day at a time. At age 70 I developed diabetic complications with 29 years sober. I am very grateful for my life. Thank you for everyone’s support. K